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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 15, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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doing well. >> one of the greatest bands ever. >> they scared me. >> i could see you being scared. >> highway to hell. dirty deeds. dvr so you don't miss an episode. see you tomorrow. "special reports". >> russia says ukraine is close to civil war. super powers hold their breath. this is "special report." good evening i'm bret baier, we begin again tonight in ukraine where another major bridge has been cross nd a cold war flavored turf war. today the kiev government took its first military action against pro russian rebels in the east and as the bullets fly, the u.s. and russia circle each oh, probing for weakness.
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senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler tells us where we are right now. >> reporter: as the ukrainian government began to remove pro russian forces, u.s. officials cautiously gave their support. >> at some point ukraine government has to assert order to protect its citizens. >> reporter: prime minister warned things were dangerously close to civil war and he denied the ukrainian government's legit massey. >> i hope everyone is responsible for decision making for the moment, i mean the current authorities because we can't consider them legitimate but these are the authorities who came to power following a coupedetat. >> reporter: press secretary jay carney made clear the president
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believes vladimir putin is manufacturing the crisis, but mr. obama's critics believe putin is winning. >> all you hear from obama is if you do it next time, the sanctions will increase. putin is calculating it's all hot air, if he measures how approaches this, he's going to get what wants. >> "the new york times" the president and secretary of state focus less on the middle east peace process and devote their attention to ukraine. traveling in estoneia, kerr -- mccain called for providing arms for the ukraine. >> i think it's inexcusable that we have not helped the ukrainian government to defend themselves with defensive weapons. >> reporter: jay carney couldn't
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explain the lethal hardware designation but he made clear that the u.s. is opposed to introducing weapons. >> our main focus is on economics trying to deescalate the situation. we did not see a military solution to this crisis. >> u.s., ukrainian and yawrp peen and russian diplomats are meeting this week. they are concerned the russians might use their push against pro russian protesters as an excuse not to attend the talks. let's get some thoughts now tonight from senior political analyst brit hume on what all of this means on the boem foreign policy. >> if the turmoil in ukraine has taught us anything it is the 21st century with supposedly it new norms looks like the 20th
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century with old norms. to be sure, there was a brief shining moment after the collapse of soviet empire when the world seemed largely at peace and a new order seemed to be emerging but as america partied and prospered its way through better part of a decade, islamic radicals were plotting their attacks including the one that succeeded on september 11th, 2001. it was perhaps understandable then that president obama came to office thinking it was now time for america to step back from its preem nent role in defending freedom to withdraw from iraq and afghanistan and allow other nations to take the lead in other parts of the world. mr. obama went so far as to make russia a key player in his policies toward iran and syria now the new russia is acting like the old russia.
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we're left to hope that somehow american policies of down-sizing and disengagement will turn out better than they have in the past. >> maybe white house officials look through things through a political prism, if the president was to step up and do more, how do you think the american people would receive that and how do you think it would sit. >> i think it would be up to him to make the sale. america is said to be war weary and at all times it's war wary. it falls to president and really only to presidents to make the case for u.s. involvement in overseas conflicts. unless we've been immediately attacked, such as pearl harbor or 9/11, the public appetite has never been very high. when a president does as george
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bush did regarding kuwait, the public will fall. >> mass gun mens kidnapped the ambassador in libya today. the driver was wounded and the diplomat was forced out of that car at gunpoint. iran has formally protested the u.s. refusal to grant a visa to the ambassador. he was involved in the hostage crisis in 1979. it does not have the power to force a change. it is said to be one of life's two certainties, but taxes unlike death, come with a specific deadline, and that is now just houfers away. it's estimated that one in four of you is pounding away at your
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computer or calculator right now trying to finish up tonight. correspondent shannon bream takes a look of what happens after you finish your forms. >> reporter: your federal income taxes are due today but tax freedom day won't come until next week. according to the nonpartisan tax foundation, april 21st will mark the date in which the nation a whole has earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for the year. >> what's interesting is americans work longer into the year to pay off their taxes, than they work to pay for their food, clothing and shelter combined. >> 2014, the total tax bill will hit $4.5 trillion. this year's federal government is projected to have a deficit of roughly $500 billion. money often borrowed from foreign countries. in 2014, interest payments alone
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are projected to hit $227 billion. >> we keep falling further behind. >> reporter: in a new fox follow, what bothers you most when paying taxes? the number one answer was the way government spends tax dollars. now americans have another reason to be apprehensive about filing. the irs new role as enforcer of the affordable care act or obamacare. the agency will go to great lengths to avoid being viewed as the bad guy. >> i think the service will be very careful as it rolls out its enforcement procedures. >> reporter: the added responsibilities comes as the irs is also reacting to a backlash from a newly proposed regulation regarding tax exempt status. in light of 150,000 public comments to the proposed rule, the irs commissioner says the irs will likely rewrite it.
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>> it does seem to me if we came up with as a fair to everybody, clear, easily administered rule, everybody would benefit. >> reporter: eeberson says they deserve credit to find a solution. >> the problem is there was a clear tilt, if you will, toward more examination of conservative groups and that's just unacceptable. >> reporter: he takes -- says between taking on enforcement obamacare and the targeting scandal, the agency is in the middle of a political bull's eye. shannon, thank you. a number of emails and tweets from viewers saying they are filing at this moment. as shannon mentioned a new factor for many of you to consider this tax season is obamacare. correspondent doug mckelway continues our tax day coverage with an examination of what that means right now. >> we had to pass a bill so you
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can find out what is in it. >> reporter: on this april 15th, tax filers are finding out what's in it. at least 20 tax increases totaling $409 billion over the next ten years. it's a new burden imposed by a law in a straight party line vote enforced by an agency accused of favoritism. >> it's unfortunate the irs has a role in this affordable care act. it's very controversial. it just makes the job tougher if you will. >> reporter: among the new taxes, a medicare tax increase in. a net investment income tax on 3.8% on individuals and trusts worth more than $200,000 or $250,000 for joint filers and an increase for thresholds for itemized deductions for medical scpenctions from 7.5% to 10% of
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gross income. there's no new taxes on medical device manctions. and. >> more people will have health insurance and use their product more effectively. >> the expected increases for obamacare are more than twice than what it was forecast. >> these more than a trillion dollars on tax increases on health care raise the costs of health care and that's why you are seeing the price of health care, the cost of insurance going up, not down. >> reporter: one study by a trade association finds the medical device tax alone may put 45,000 jobs at risk. the national fed rag of independent businesses projects that new taxes on insurance companies may jeopardize up to 209,000 jobs. if you make under $15,000, it's just over $59. if you make between $150 zp --
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50 is $100,000 it's 6,000. and above that, it's over $38,000. >> those numbers tend to confirm that obamacare is a wealth transfer program with health insurance attached. >> you can find out exactly how much obamacare will cost you by going to fox and clicking on the taxpayer clarity there. a second consecutive plus day on wall street. the dow dad 89 today. s&p 12, the nasdaq finished 11.5. up next, the nevada stand-off. here's is what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight, in jackson, mississippi, straight-line windows flipped dozens of rv campers monday
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night. one man was trapped and had to be rescued by the fire department. >> fox 11 in los angeles, crews are using pumps to keep up with the flooding water on the 46-footer. everyone is reported safe and the boat is being toed to harbor. >> the big story in boston, the anniversary of the last year's boston marathon bombings. quite a scene in boston today. we'll show you in just a few minutes. that's tonight's live look from outside the beltway on tobt's -- tonight's "special report." we'll be right back.
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senate majority leader harry reid is vowing the federal government's battle with cliven bundy is not over. we examine the contrast of how some laws are enforced and while others are being ignored.
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>> go home government. >> the spectacle of nevada's wild west stand-off pitted cliven bundy and hundreds of supporters again the federal and local government. tensions rose dangerously high at several flash points. at one point a law enforcement officer seemed to gesture at a demonstrator. to avert what some demonstrators warn could be an all-out range war, the feds have backed up and returned the cattle. the bundys have been grazing their cattle on the land since the 1800s, it feels like uncle sam's priorities out of place. >> it has a border has porous.
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>> just as a cop as the discretion to not write you a ticket, the constitution, federal law have long granted varying degrees of discretion for enforcing law. there is no discretion for a rancher grazing on federal land not to pay grazing fees. the feds are stepping back from the stand off to try to get back in court. otherwise, they are going to meet with a lot of resistance from a lot of patriotic americans who don't like the federal government using guns what should be using paper and pencil. thank you. so is bundy right or wrong? let me know at
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baier sr or on twitter, bret baier. first, boston stays strong one year after the marathon bombings. hungry" when you think, then you don't know "aarp". our drive to end hunger has donated 29 million meals, and counting. find more real possibilities at
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one year after the deadly marathon bombings, boston today showed off just how strong it still is, with displays of determination, courage and resolve, but there were also tears and regret. correspondent molly long is in boston tonight. mark the first an ver ris,
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families of those killed at the site of the boston marathon join at the site of the blast. 2,500 gathered at the hynes odd stoerm to kmerm rate those lost. vice president joe biden showed tribute. >> when lights dim and cameras go away know that i support and love for you all never waver. >> the lives lost will never be forgotten. those who saved lives were praised. firefighters, law enforcement, doctors, nurses. >> we saw boston strong in the community of rare -- marathon
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volunteers, 10,000 strong this year. who were the soul of the marathon who were transferred into first responders. >> survivors. >> the city stood by us, helped heal. together we grieved in the face of tremendous loss and we grew in the face of adversity. >> reporter: and many looked forward. >> america will never, ever, ever stand down. we are boston. we are america. we respond. we endure. we overcome, and we own the finish line. >> reporter: then under a gray sky, a moment of silence at the finish line, a flag raised. the phrase that became a mantra, boston strong was echoed again and again, and promises were
3:25 pm
made again today to run again. this up coming monday is the boston marathon this year. >> molly, thank you. attorney general eric holder wants congress to approve $15 million to train law enforcement officers to deal with active shooter situations. holders comments follow shooths at ft. hood and overland, kansas. many of you here in north america were treated to a full lunar eclipse over night. it began around 1:00 a.m. it lasted five and a half hours. the orange-red blood moon comes from sunrises and sunsets simmering from the earth. it was the first of four eclipses this year. there may soon be no such thing as a really free lunch in silicon valley.
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we'll explain. the irs misses a deadline and it will cost you millions. a tax day grapevine is next.
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on the best network. for best results, use verizon. ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ don't miss a beat... ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ oooh discover the fearless protection of tena. so absorbent even when you twist not a drop escapes. ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ and now some fresh pickings from the tax day grapevine. as we told you earlier today is the deadline to file your tax return. if you don't do it by midnight, you face a penalty. but just last week the tax collector missed a major dliep of its own that will cost millions of dollars. despite having ample advance
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notice, the irs failed to update windows open -- on nearly of its nearly 10,000 computers before microsoft phased out its xp operating system. that means computers not updated will no longer get tech support from microsoft. now the irs must pay microsoft to keep the system going until it gets the upgrades. reports that could cost you $11.5 million a year. "the washington post" none of the computers processing returns is affected by the software expiration. >> people who did not file a tax
3:31 pm
return for 2010 will -- people were still owed money by the government. those eligible for the earned income tax credit could be owed as much as $5,000 each. the three-year grace period for filing returns to get a refund expires at midnight tonight. and finally uncle sam may start sending a bill for your workplace perks, taking a bite out of free lunch at the office. the irs is considering forcing employees to pay taxes on frinch benefits they get on the job and that could really add up when you consider the extravagant freebies ofed by tech companies. the barber also gives free hair cuts. getting a new do is also free at google. not to mention the massage
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chairs for relaxings time and no need to stress over your commute. googleres ride for free on the google bus. the head of pittsburgh, there will be no common core. peter deuce si with what so many people are so upset about. >> classrooms at many catholic schools are changing in a big way because some decades-old traditions are being updated with common core state standards which claim to designate what a student is expected to learn at each grade level. >> beauty truth and knowledge and goodness of knowledge is what's being lost in catholic schools when they take the common core. >> many public schools have kbas embraced common core for years.
3:33 pm
parents also pay a lot for catholic school, an average of nearly $3,900 a year for elementary and $9,600 for secondary. >> if common core is across the board, why send people to catholic school. send them to public school. >> now, she thinks very little of common core and parents complain to her about some of the social issues mentioned in some of the recommended readings. >> the reading selections are offensive to them as devoted catholics, that they do not think that these selections enhance catholic identity. >> still at least 100 die owe ceases out of 105 in united states embrace some bar of common car. one of them is in cincinnati. the common core is neither pro nor anti catholic in its nature
3:34 pm
and catholic schools interested in kblimt implementing common core are now getting help. common core is not a curriculum but a set of high quality academic expectations that all students should master by the end of each grade level. >> in everything that we do, christ comes first, our faith comes first, what we are going to do is use materials that are infused the way. >> the u.s. conference of catholic bishops told us today the church aplawds government efforts to ensure excellent education is available to all u.s. children. >> a federal appeals court has upheld new emission standards from the environmental protection agency. the epa calls the decision a victory for public health and the environment. state and industry groups challenge new limits on toxens, saying it would cost billions of dollars annually to comply.
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shots fired in yawn -- ukraine, how long before russia and perhaps the u.s. get more involved the panel joins me after a break. excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables
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what's your policy? theant terrorist operations began in the north of the donetsk region. >> ukraine is on the verge of a civil war. it's horrible. i hope that everyone who is responsible for decision making at the moment will be wise enough not to leave the country into such horrible turmoil. >> we agree the use of force is not a preferred option. with that said, the ukrainian government has a responsibility to pay law and order and these provocations in eastern ukraine are creating a situation in which the government has to respond. >> use of force has started in the ukraine. the ukrainian forces going into
3:39 pm
the eastern ukraine to retake an airport, a small airport in the eastern part of that country. that was taken over by russian separatists. as you take a bigger look at the area that we're talking about here, we are hearing reports that there are similar activity in mall dove i can't and estonia. let's bring in our panel, george will, elise viebeck, and charles krauthammer. charles, your thoughts? >> these reports in estone i can't -- estonia, this is alarming. it is a member of nato. we have an obligation we have held for 60 years. that an attack on one is an attack on all. what's happening in ukraine is a
3:40 pm
classic, it was a nazi, then a communist tactic of stirring up unrest clearly from the outside and then having those stirred up unrest ask for intervention. that's what happened in hung garry, what was done in crimea. the russians are clearly setting the premise for an invasion. they may not have to do. they have already conceded it's ready for an referendum. so putin can win at a distance, but if he doesn't, he will win hand to hand and he has nothing to fear from the united states. the fact that karyn went on -- car any went on in the president conference to say they are not considering lethal assistance, the ukrainians -- what we are
3:41 pm
doing is holding the coat of the little guy in a fight who is essentially unarmed. >> senator mccain has been very outspoken on this. today, he was actually in estonia and was outspoken again. >> they need light weapons and anti tank weapons and anti air. first, i would give them the necessary means to defend themselves and for us not to do that is absolute inexcusable and shameful behavior, and i'm embarrassed that we will not give them what they need to defend their country, which has been invaded and dismembered by colonel putin. >> as charles said, the white house is clear they are not even considering that, giving small weapons. >> in the absence of that, the obama administration is going to pursue wider secotoral sanction.
3:42 pm
that's basically all that they have left on the table are these wider sanctions that the europeans are loathe to support because they would hurt their kpi and even united states lawmakers have doubts about it because they could harm our economy. the ones we need to be watching right now are the ukrainian leaders. russia will use that as a pretext to begin a more conventional occupation of this territory. >> george. >> charles mentioned nato. i think putin's aim, to be really historic, is to do in the alliance that did end the soviet union and that is nato and he can do that by calling our bluff, i think he would find we are bluffing. >> article five is the treaty responding to any country that is in nato, protecting it
3:43 pm
militarily. >> this crisis began with secretary kerry saying nothing, we are saying it's a threat to putin. if you are not threatening a bad guy who is doing bad things, what are you doing? mr. carney said we are actively evaluating. meals ready to eat that we were sent, we were careful not to send in military planes because we thought that would be provocative, they were sent in commercial trucks. some presidents take their foreign policy from the idealism of woodrow wilson. some from henry kissen engineer. >> what about the u.s. -- russian flyover over the u.s. war ship. >> provocative if you think there will be a response. what it is, it's a show of
3:44 pm
contempt. it's not just a personal show of contempt of putin for obama, the community organizer. it wants to show the region that u.s. is so passive and comical in its response, insult to its own war ship in international waters in the black sea goes unresponded to except for a statement for saying this is extremely unhelpful. look there was a meeting of the g-7 finance ministers a few days ago. that would have been the place where there would have been a statement about sanctions. the fact that it did absolutely nothing is a message to putin that nothing is going to happen. >> charles, what are you going to do, say you are president krauthammer, by the way, there are a lot of people who write in they would like to see you run, that's aside from the point, what would you do? >> you asked me two weeks ago -- >> and it hasn't changed? >> the answer is what is so
3:45 pm
obvious, you immediately fly in major supplies of light weaponry and defensive weaponry, anti tank, anti aircraft, so you begin to arm the ukrainians, so when putin make a calculation, he understands there will never be any nato troops in ukraine to oppose him but now he has to think that there is this unrest and there is some resistance in the east. it will be armed resistance. it's obvious. the second is to reassure the neighbors, you don't do it with a trip here and there by a biden or a secretary of defense. what you do is you forward deploy nato troops into places like the baltics or into poland. we had an understanding at the end of the cold war we wouldn't do that because that would provoke the russians. the response is to say you broke the understanding of the end of the cold war, and now we're going to have nato troops on your frontier. that's a way to send a message
3:46 pm
that means something and is not just hot air. >> elise, critics of this administration say on foreign policy, that they are ham strung by the politics. they look at the polls and they say americans are not into this and why should we do this now? it's better to do nothing than to do something. is that a fair assessment, do you think, of this administration? >> i think it's certainly possible but when they look at congress, they don't get a lot of pressure to go and put troops on the ground or even to bring weapons in. mccain was the main voice on that this weekend. he was basically alone. i think that the administration really isn't seeing any pressure from within washington either, 0 if they do look at the polls and they see the american people as being unfriendly to military intervention there's nobody to really challenge that in washington. >> to teach the world that nuclear weapons are a good thing to have, until 1994, the ukraine had the world's largest arsenal.
3:47 pm
they gave it up on assurances that we would protect their borders. this is another red line erased. next up, it's tax day. we'll discuss where your money goes. how obamacare fits in and the prospects for change. co: sometimes you don't know you need a hotel room until you're sure you do. bartender: thanks, captain obvious. co: which is why i put the mobile app on my mobile phone. anyone need a coupon? i don't. test test. test test. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too.
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each day during the month of november, the government brought in a litigation more than $5 billion of revenue. that's a lot of money. but we spent more than $11 billion a day. the difference as you can clearly see is roughly $6 billion. how can we keep spending more than we take in? the economists we talked to said it's simple, we can't.
3:51 pm
so the government spends more than $11 billion a day. but economists say most concerning of all is number four down there at the obama much the smallest daily outl.a. of this group dropping down to $854 million a day. but we don't get anything for that that's $854 million of interest that our country pays on our debt every single day. >> that was from a series we did in december of 2012 called the cost of spending. it's on our web site by the way. you can take a look at it that was december of 2012. take a look at fiscal year 2013. right now individual income taxes $1.3 trillion for americans. total revenue 2.8 trillion. total spending 3.5 trillion. there you see the difference. the deficit $680 billion. now, government spending breaks down in this other study here and can you see the green there, that's the interest we were talking about, $221 billion in interest. that essentially just pays
3:52 pm
the interest on the debt. and it goes up to 876 billion in 2024. we're back with the panel. george, what about tax day this year and where we are headed? >> well, first of all the interest payments are abnormally low. when as surely it must the cost of government borrowing goes back to the post war norm of 5.5% as essentially zero interest rates now. that will double and quintuple. the biggest addition to the debt itself is the interest rates. i don't think this is a day for americans to feel sorry for themselves. they should feel ashamed of themselves for the decadence. we used to borrow money for the future. built money for the future. we built highways, dams for the future. now we are borrowing from the future from the unconsenting because unborn future generations in order to fund our own current consumption of goods and services. the american people are paying a lot of taxes but they are not paying nearly enough taxes to fund their
3:53 pm
appetite for goods and services. >> this is tax day elise, a lot of people are talking about tax freedom day which comes next week, april 21st. that's the day that americans essentially will have enough money to pay the total tax bill for the year and critics of the tax system say it's happening later and later in the year. >> that's right. i would tell people who are concerned about the deficit to not be as concerned over the next 10 years because we actually heard from the congressional budget office yesterday that projected deficits are going to be $286 billion lower than previously anticipated over the next so years, that's, in part, because obamacare is coming in cheaper than the cbo originally expected and healthcare cost growth is at an all-time low because of the economy, because it's been recovering slowly. what the deficits are expected to do after the 10-year window is to ramp up increasingly because of the aging population. because more and more people are going to be joining medicare and those people are entitled to open-ended benefits. that's going to place real pressure on lawmakers to come up with a solution to
3:54 pm
those entitlements. >> obamacare is in this mix. thoughts? >> it's adding a huge amount of taxes and a huge amount of spending. it will probably be a trillion dollars over 10 years. but, even if that cbo number is right, $286 billion over 10 years is 28.6 every year which is trivial given an economy of 16 trillion and government spending of 4.5 trillion. it's not even 1%. and these are reductions and estimates from gargantuan estimates that we had in the early years of the obama administration. really up until now when we were going into more than a trillion dollars a year of debt. we have had added $7 trillion in five years. this sun imaginable. almost undoable. but obama succeeded in doing it we are so far out on a limb in this, george is right. interest rates are going to rise and we are adding at the very least half a trillion a year on to the debt itself. you add the rise in rates
3:55 pm
and the rise in debt, and you are going to get an explosion of debt. we will not be able to contain. this is not an insoluble issue. people act this is out of control. uncontrolled spending. there is a way to control entitlement spending. the democrats simply and this president will not talk about it, will not lift a finger to do it. we're going to have to have a new administration and we will get it done because, otherwise, we're going to go over a cliff. >> you know, on taxes there seems to be at least between parties on corporate tax reform they are pretty close. they just can't get there, george. >> well, corporate taxation is about, what, 10% of federal revenues it's triflt. all the tack about discord in this town the real talk is consensus. we should have a large generous welfare state and not pay for it we can't go on with that forever. the fact is political class more united by self-interest than is divided by ideology has a permanent interest in
3:56 pm
running deficits. >> you have a ryan presidency as in paul and you have real entitlement reform. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for some in-flight entertainment. ♪
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joible. that's free entertainment. welcome aboard. >> there you government thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta is "on the record" right now. >> nevada rancher and cliven bundy and his family have trouble for senator harry reid. first, sit down. you need to hear this. chances are, you are spending more money on taxes than housing, clothing, and food combined. take a look at this new chart released by tax foundation. they have crunched the numbers and pretty stunning. joining is former new hampshire governor john shah knew knew, nice is a sununu, good to see you. >> nice to be here. >> spending more on taxes. >> been bad five years for taxes. 140 new taxes proposed by the president. >> shot down by the house republicans. >> not all of them. but enough of them got through including obamacare


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